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The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex free essay sample

Having strong parental influence can also strongly affect the outcomes of adolescence and causal sex. Additionally, marriage can be vulnerable to the actions of premarital sex, which can lead to disruption or divorce. Casual sex is a way people use one another as mere objects and to satisfy one’s sexual desires leading to a loss of commitment. Casual sex is defined as having more of a focus on physical satisfaction then emotional and lacking a sense of commitment. It can also be an agreement with a stranger or other partners that lasts for a long period of time (â€Å"Casual Sex,† 2011). The average age of the first sexual encounter is at 17. 7 years according to Hyde (2005). The first sexual experience is extremely meaningful and sexual expression can be molded based on experience. Traditional thinking of sex has become rare, less favored and not socially accepted. Attitudes in society have changed, making sex more popular and less condemned (Martin, 2003). We will write a custom essay sample on The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Guilt and anger are often side effects of casual sex, along with a loss of commitment for long term relationships, marriage often being disrupted, leading to the conclusion premarital sex is not appropriate in any means and should not be practiced. American adults who said casual sex was wrong as concluded to 75% or the population in 1969. In the 1980’s, 33-37% of American adults said premarital sex was wrong decreasing by about 40%. These changes in the American society have occurred because of the replacement of conservative generations from the early 20th century to a more liberal generation later the century. The fluctuations of opinion are also due to the age and cultural changes of each generation, altering the views of people at the same time (Harding amp; Jencks, 2003). The traditional teachings of Christianity were no longer consistent with the people’s belief in America by this time and it is possible the relationship between these beliefs and religious views changed over time (Petersen amp; Donnenwerth, 1997). This common acceptance of   premarital sex that is occurring still has the underlying issue of whether it is, in fact, ethically moral to participate in casual sex and the effects among women and men. Do Men’s and Women’s Effects Differ? According to Else-Quest, Hyde, and DeLamater, men are more likely to have casual sex to obtain physical satisfaction while women are more likely to do it for intimacy and to enhance the relationship (2005). Men and women may experience sexual activity differently because of the differences in their scripts, which are learned strategies about sex. Men’s sexuality tends to not be subjected to relationship factors resulting in a difference in experience by both genders. Some argue that these sexual experiences are important for person’s sexual scripts to develop because it allows them to organize the order of sexual acts and learn the appropriate responses and behaviors. But these scripts that are argued as allowing casual sex to continue, do not always produce positive outcomes. Over time, guilt can arise as a result of a miserable experience and could grow into sexual dysfunction with long-term effects. It is more likely for women in this society to develop guilt because of seeing casual sex equaling love. But again it has been shown that guilt, tension, lack or respect, and embarrassment follows the action of casual sex (â€Å"Premarital sex,: 2002-2012). Hence, even if there may be a motivation for casual sex because of developing one’s script or fulfilling a man’s physical satisfaction and a women’s intimacy in a relationship, there are the same emotional effects and negative outcomes that result from taking part in premarital sex.An action that was morally right would not have egative emotional and psychological consequences, which would conclude casual sex was not intended to be done before marriage. There is also another consequence for participating in casual sex such as disturbance in later marriage. Sexual scripts can be written prior to marriage, providing knowledge about their own abilities, leading to a stable marriage because they may be able to make more informed choices concerning marriage. It is also very likely for someone to misunderstand physica l intimacy with emotional potential, leading to disruption in marriage and make worse marital choices (Kahn, London, 1991). How is Marriage Effected? In today’s society, adolescents have a positive opinion about cohabitation before marriage. The view of marriage as an institution has faded and cohabitation has taken a new part of this culture (Martin, Specter, Martin, amp; Martin, 2003). It has often been questioned whether or not premarital sexual activity causes marriages to be disrupted. According to Teachman, Premarital sex and cohabitation has not been found to be connected to marital disruption if limited to a woman’s husband (2003). But Kahn and London refute this.

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