Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Contemporary Brand management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Contemporary Brand management - Essay Example In this paper, the concepts of branding and its relation to the brand NIVEA have been discussed. The paper comprises of theoretical concepts of brand positioning and brand analysis related to NIVEA brand. The concept of ethics and branding of NIVEA have also been included. Finally, the ways of improvement of brand management has been recommended in the paper. 2.0 Brand Brand is regarded as a trademark that distinguishes itself from other brands or products. The visual uniqueness of a brand is the combination of several features such as name, symbols, letters, shape, slogan, signature, colour and others. Name is considered as the most vital element of brand. The name of the brand cannot change frequently but other elements can be changed in due course of time. There is an important reason to change the name of products or services. It is generally conducted to expand the brand appeal in new markets where the original name may not act as advantageous or considered as standardised in th e ‘international trademark portfolio’ of the company. Brand may generate higher revenue that may have an influence on the overall performance of the business (Interbrand, 2004). Product is considered as a thing that can be bought or used, but brand is the promise related to certain things i.e. intangible. It may be guarantee of quality, heritage, prestige and others. A company when enters a new market, might launch new products, but they are totally depended on their existing brand for success (Davis & Baldwin, 2006). Brand is considered as the image related to products or services that can be developed in the mind of the consumers. On the other hand, company image relates to prospective customers, valued customers, lost customers and group of people associated with the company (Scribd, 2011). NIVEA is one of the international skin care companies and family owned brands by Beiersdorf. The brand is targeted in satisfying the need of the consumers. Their products range fr om female face as well as body products to shaving gel, sun care lines and deodorants for men (Keller, n.d.). The market of the brand is segmented based on the fulfilment of consumer’s needs. Segmentation is done in two ways: one relates to include consumer with identical tastes or needs and the other, consumers are highly content by products so as to meet the needs. The NIVEA brand introduced three product segments, i.e. protection, after sun and self tan. There are various products that come under this segment (Scribd, 2011). The women were the major target market of NIVEA, especially the upper section of the society. They are delighted with the products of NIVEA that involve both care and to beautify the skin. However, nowadays their products range from women towards men care products (Slideshare, 2011). There are several competitors of NIVEA that include L’Oreal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Estee Launder Cos, Avon Products and Johnson & Johnson among others (Adbran ds.net, 2011). The cream of NIVEA has become the primary product of their business and it is indicating their brand name as well. Besides NIVEA cream, other related products such as sun care products, body soap, powder, tanning lotion and oil also become the major products of the brand. The cream has received brand identity as a ‘caretaker’ of skin (Keller, n.d.). In order to be more competitive the executive at Beiersdorf’

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