Sunday, November 3, 2019

BSB 126 MARKETING PLAN Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

BSB 126 MARKETING PLAN - Assignment Example That is an advantage of the company. The company has an assurance that they can operate under minimum competition from any other company. The reason behind the lack of competition is that there few companies in New Zealand which works on the production of dairy products (Lewis Road Creamery, 2012). The Company may have several weaknesses since there are many dairy farmers in New Zealand. The company may have a large quantity of milk delivered by the farmers. Therefore, there is the likelihood of the company producing a lot of butter. The consumers of the butter may, therefore, be few despite the company lacking many competitors (Lewis Road Creamery, 2012). New Zealand has less number of producers of the butter. That is a significant opportunity for the company since there are few competitors. New Zealand has a large population who can be the users of the company’s product (Lewis Road Creamery, 2012). The Company mighty experience various risks. One of the possible risks the company may experience is an emergency of a new competitor in the market. The second threat the company must be ready about is the market. The market at some time may be down; the prices might fall following the lack of demand for the product. Last threat the company has is a lack of suppliers of raw milk especially during dry seasons (Lewis Road Creamery, 2012). The Company’s target customers are the citizens of all over the country and outside the country. Therefore, every citizen of New Zealand is the target consumer of butter. The company should deploy several methodologies to reach the target customers. The steps that the company must follow include; Identify the consumers of the product (butter) is first and most crucial step the company should take. The company should not believe that not everybody in New Zealand will be the consumer of the product. Mostly, the marketers think that everybody will be a customer of the product. That is not

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